Precision and quality above all

Quality control

AFA has always invested in innovative technological tools because we have always considered the quality control department as strategic for our business growth.

All tests are performed with accuracy and precision by highly trained personnel.

The product is verified to conform to the customer specifications through thorough checks before, during and after the production cycle and the dimensional checks are carried out using conventional measuring tools as well as cutting-edge machines.

We perform metallographic checks, chemical analyses and tensile tests on the raw material upon acceptance, such as durometers, mass spectrometer, couloscope (for verification of galvanic treatments) and the equipment to test the traction of the material.

Checks during production and final testing

During the production process, the operators at the machines perform checks directly on the production line that are transmitted in real time to our quality control department.

Automatic optical inspection tools are available for the non-destructive final test checks, with probes, profile projectors, metallographic microscope and equipment to determine the loading force of the compensation springs. In addition we also have a machine to perform the salt spray tests. On some production lines we installed a camera system for 100% inspection of the pieces that are wound on a reel and that we deliver to our customers with a free pass.

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