Designing with 3D software and molding of components for electric motors

Precision moulding

We have fast and precise moulding machines produced by leading international manufacturers. From 25 to 160 tons and 3 transfer presses, our machinery uses drawing dies of stainless steel sheets.

Thanks to our know-how and depending on the material to be used we can define the most appropriate moulding parameters. The most commonly used materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, phosphor bronze and brass, high-strength metal sheets and laminates. The thicknesses range from 0.15 mm to 3 mm.

The mechanical components can be provided with threads, tumbling and oiling performed within the company and with any galvanic finish (zinc plating, tin plating) in collaboration with subcontracted suppliers of proven efficiency, quality and trust.

Dimensional control

All the machinery and treatment facilities have the necessary equipment to ensure the dimensional conformity and control directly on the production line so as to avoid the production of non-conforming material and this allows us to follow the entire production process up to the finished product reliably and safely.

Every newly created product is a source of enrichment both for the technical personnel and the operators. The purpose of our company is to continually innovate, always maintaining a high technological standard.



Our department is equipped with technologically advanced machines such as machining centres and electrical discharge machining. All dies we use have been manufactured using machinery and expertise within our mechanical workshop. We have a number of machine tools to construct and service our equipment and the die is assembled and controlled within our construction/assembly department. We create progressive dies, with integrated thread also cutting and deep-drawing dies to produce a wide range of products and we maintain the dies used for the production efficient. Each phase is carried out internally, from construction to assembly and equipment testing.

Heat treatments in austempering

In the heat treatment department we have two types of furnace: the furnace for hardening products in C67 and a solubilisation furnace for stainless steel.

The ferrous parts in austempering, which is performed in a controlled atmosphere of nitrogen after passing through the furnace, are made to drop into a bath of molten salt to increase the ductility and resistance.

We are particularly specialised in treating delicate parts which are easily deformed.

Heat treatments for solubilisation

The solubilisation treatment is always carried out in a controlled atmosphere, with hydrogen (produced by electrolysis). The deep-drawn part in stainless steel is brought to 1050° to achieve a chemical and structural balance of the piece.

The management of the entire department is fully automated and constantly monitored for production to meet the customer requirements and reduce the possibility of polluting the batches.


Our certified quality management system ensures consistent reliability of our production quality with Iso 9001, certified from Rina, partner IQNET .

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